Wednesday, 23 April 2008

TaskMaster - Day 5

Added in some sample data. Made a few changes to the login and registration pages as well as creating a navigation bar. Validation of the registration data does not seem to follow the constraints listed in the domain model. The project creation page needs to be tweaked, to allow members to be added in.

The views in Grails are where all the presentation elements are present, with the controllers chipping in the model and the business logic. Whereas in Wicket, the presentation elements are coded and inserted through the placeholder ids which had been seeded in the HTML. Grails entails more time in HTMLland than is the case with Wicket.

Creating the war file for the project is a simple one-liner: grails war. This beats having to fuss around your own ant script and making sure all dependencies are being added. Now to find out how to change the version number on the war file, being stuck at 0.1.

Reading up on the messaging service, this seems a simple way of doing it.

The other blog is dead :)

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