Friday, 10 August 2007

LDAP Authentication with SugarCRM

Both SugarCRM and LDAP are installed. LDAP is to be used to authenticate users in SugarCRM.

Login to SugarCRM as admin. Click on the 'Admin' button at the top of the page and then 'System Settings' in the main page.

Set 'Enable LDAP'. The default LDAP server and port number are localhost and 389 respectively. Change as required. The base dn is the location where the search for users begin, in this case dc=nodomain.

For the bind attribute, disregarding the example text, it should be dn. More information here. The login attribute is the username to be used. Any attribute can be used (e.g uid, sn, cn). An important thing to note is with 'Auto Create Users' set, a change in login attribute will create new users with that attribute as the username. If 'Auto Create Users' is not set, authentication will fail as the user may be present in LDAP but not in the SugarCRM database due to the username.

Authenticated user and password is the LDAP account to be used for searching. The 'Auto Create Users', as mentioned before, creates new users from their LDAP information if they are not present in SugarCRM. The encryption key may be left empty.


whall said...

thanx! this helped (mostly). I also had to install php5-ldap package and then copy the extension into the right place and then add that extension to the php.ini.

But now it works great.

PS: I also had to use fully qualified DN for the access account said...

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Don said...

Just testing the new SugarCRM 5.5 RC. Used Sugar a year or so ago, so not totally clueless.

Anyway - finally found out where to enable LDAP - no longer in Admin -> System Settings. It is now in Admin -> Password Management.

Hope this saves someone some time - I have been googling and looking through the documentation but did not see it mentioned. Not saying it is not mentioned ....


Ricky said...

Thanks - I hadn't checked auto create users and couldn't authenticate - you saved some time for me!

Sam PI said...

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