Friday, 17 August 2007

Installing TWiki

This post is regarding the installation steps of TWiki on a remote Solaris 11 server. This assumes the installer has root access. The main reference for this post is here - Installing TWiki 4.x on Solaris 10.

Create the following (arbitrary) directory structure in the filesystem:
/apps/twiki-root/twiki - A symlink to the directory below

Download and unpack the latest TWiki version. Create the LocalLib.cfg file in /apps/twiki-root/twiki/bin. Modify it to set the twikiLibPath and the path for TWiki related Perl modules:
$twikiLibPath = "/apps/twiki-root/twiki/lib";

@localPerlLibPath = ('/apps/twiki-root/perlmodules', '/apps/twiki-root/perlmodules/i86pc-solaris-64int');

Building CPAN Perl modules on Solaris 10

Go over to CPAN and download the CGI::Session and Digest::SHA1 modules. Unpack them into temporary directories and use these commands:
$ /usr/perl5/bin/perlgcc Makefile.PL [LIB=/apps/twiki-root/perlmodules]
$ make
$ make test
$ make install

Blastwave for GNU grep, diff and rcs

Follow Blastwave installation instructions to enable pkg-get and install grep, diff and rcs. They will be available in /opt/csw/bin. Create symlinks for egrep(->ggrep), fgrep(->ggrep) and diff(->gdiff).


Create the /etc/apache2/httpd.conf from the example in that directory. Use the ApacheConfigGenerator to configure a twiki.conf file. Settings used for the generator:
Enter the full file path to your twiki root directory (mandatory):

Enter the IP address range or hostnames that will have access to configure - separate with spaces

Enter the list of user names that are allowed to view configure

Enable mod_perl

Choose your Login Manager:
None - No login

Prevent execution of attached files as PHP scripts if PHP is installed:
No PHP Installed

Block direct access to viewing attachments that ends with .htm or .html

Block direct access to viewing attachments in Trash web


Append the file to httpd.conf or otherwise have Apache load it. Restart the Apache Web Server:
svcadm disable apache2
svcadm enable apache2

Check /var/svc/log/network- http:apache2.log to check whether the server is up or it failed to start. Troubleshoot as required.

Browser configuration

Go to http://hostname/twiki/bin/configure to continue configuring TWiki. Use /opt/csw/bin to add to the path. Also use it or create a symlink for rcs. Complete the setup.

Done. More details as forthcoming.

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