Thursday, 26 June 2008

TWiki Replication

Setup a backup TWiki by using rsync, cron and public key authentication. Had problems getting cron to run on root since a normal user does not have the permissions necessary. Solved them when I realized I do need the account active (as I had ignored the expired warning when logging in as root).

Made little headway with regards to the MixTape build on hudson (reminder: change the SVN location once migration is finished). Installed the Flex 3 SDK and used it to compile the mxml files. However the swf files do not seem to work.

The grails search plugin sets up easily. Run 'grails install-plugin searchable', add 'static searchable = true' to any domain class, add data and run the app. The default allows you to search the fields of the domain class, objects may need a specific mapping though.

In the process of migrating SVN projects from one repository to another.

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