Monday, 8 January 2007

JDBC Basics

Learning how to use SQL via the Eclipse Java IDE and MySQL. Had problems connecting to the MySQL databases until I remembered to start up the service (>_<).

The most crucial part was getting the connection through the DriverManager class and the settings for it. After that was the creation of tables and filling it with data. The tutorial at was vague on that part and I had to go look elsewhere to do it.

Used SELECT to print out the table values with the help of the ResultSet and Statement classes. Then looked into updating the data via Java methods instead of normal SQL commands.

Prepared Statements are Statements given an SQL command at creation time. With wildcard parameters in the command, one can use it repeatedly, changing the parameters at will. Looked at the joining of two tables.

The last was transactions, how to commit several statements as an atomic action. The Savepoint methods allowed part of the transaction to survive a rollback.

One thing to keep in mind when building strings SQL commands is the spacing.

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